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Vietnam Master Folder
Making Labels Preparing the suitcase labels
Sai Gon 0 Arriving at Saigon or Ho Chi Minh City, market by the Dinh house, visit to the Rice Farm
Ha Noi 0 Leaving Saigon, the flight to Hanoi, pictures from Hanoi
Ha Noi 1 Oldtown Hanoi market, Oldtown Hanoi, Pedi cabs, the large lake, temple, Hanoi Oldtown
Ha Noi 2 Hotel, The Tour: Mausoleum, Pagoda, the large lake, Pagoda, Ethnology Museum
Ha Noi 3 Ethnology Museum, Temple of Literature, Crab 0, Hotel, Breakfast
Sai Gon 1 Trip to the Ocean, Ocean, Xtian Temple
Sai Gon 2 Crab 1, Dinh household, Crab 2, Thi's girlfriend & family meal
Sai Gon 3 Soup after event, Pho restaurant, Market, Saigon, last family meal