Monthly Archives: March 2016

It’s the One Week Anniversary!

My last day at work was Tuesday, March 15, 2016. I’m still in a bit of a holding pattern, spending a great deal of time getting quite little done. I still have not unpacked the things I brought home from my desk at work, although the lemon cookies seem to be vanishing, and I don’t think it’s mice getting into them.

1.0. Medical Insurance. The great wasteland of America where Republicans think you can so easily shop for on your own so they have created a maze that would do a Minotaur proud. You must choose A, you may choose, B, or C, and possible D, but if you choose B, you’re locked out of C, and if you didn’t do it yesterday, we’re gonna fine you.

2.0. 401k. Move the old company 401k account over to the regular accounts. Even my index fund strategy has not been doing great against the vicissitudes o’ the market this year.

3.0. House projects. I have two started and one more I hope to add.

3.1. Gas fireplace liner goes in on Friday, or so it’s scheduled. Someone hates the wood fire, and, in truth, the damned wood fireplace smokes like the chimney was bricked up or partially obstructed. While before the winter storm warning for the southern part of the state would have been nice, I won’t cry too hard if it does not get much use this spring.

3.2. I’m having the stair handrail extended down to the first step. It’s not going to match the upper run of balusters or the handrail for that matter, and the staining is going to be up to me, but it should be close enough. It’s switching to over-the-post at the bottom and the newel post will be considerable different than the other two. (They have told me they can’t use the elaborate volute I’d dreamed of with it’s circled wagon of balusters at the bottom that I’ve been jonesing for.) The 1907 red oak balusters taper from the middle to each end, and I could not find them, although they could be custom made — in three sizes of course and four sets of three sizes for the short run of the steps. So, the balusters I asked them to get only taper to the top.

3.3. When the weather improves a wee bit, pick up something to run a new handrail up to the upstairs upstairs. There’s a piece hiding in the upstairs upstairs that ustta be there, just a plain pine handrail, but I didn’t like it, and if I remember right, it was poorly attached to the wall. Anyway, it has been up there since shortly after I moved into the house. I’m so used to using the narrow stairs, that they don’t bother me, although other people seem not to have the same feeling about them. I’d looked at some fancy handrail brackets, but would like to do something just with wood. Pigs ear would be nice, but seems unheard of this side o’ the pond. I think I’d like to do something more rectangular and boardy, if that makes any sense.

3.4. I have long dreamed about replacing the upstairs upstairs door with a set of double doors. When the current door is open, it partially obstructs my office door. I’ve gone out several times on the internet to price two double doors, and generally come close to fainting when I looked at the estimated price. Of course, I’ve always had five panel doors quoted, which would match the plethora of other doors on the second floor. Before I left for the Caribbean, I checked at Menards, who used not to be able to get doors as small as I needed, and asked them to price a single panel doors with the goal of using wood to divide the single panel up into five panels on each side of each door, which is something that I think I can do. (Ain’t no way I’m going to make two five panel doors.) Menards called me when I was on the island, and, while I swear I wrote down the quote, I can’t find it, and neither can they, but it was much more, err, reasonable than the other quotes. (Just lacking four panels on each door.) So, that may be worth attempting. I’ve a friend who’s a handyman and can help cutting the hinges and the mortise work.