Monthly Archives: September 2015

Ittsa chip and a credit card!

I see that my home town credit union is using the Euro-style chip cards to replace my Visa card. My last card had a bill from an unfamiliar merchant in China. Now it is entirely possible that I ordered something on eBay or Amazon from a merchant in China, but probably not at a woman’s specialty store in Shanghai, especially since the bill was not enuff for a boi-toy.

Ayup, Us Sandersons Always Wuz Sophisticates

IMG_0001 (2)

I can recognize my great grandmother, Julia Sanderson, and one or two of my great uncles (I think). Granted, it’s a bad print on a piece of paper. I think I met four of my great grandparents, Julia, my father’s father’s mother, Grandpa Carlson, my father’s mother’s father, and both of my mother’s mother’s parents, although that may be a miss-remembering. I’m digging through a box of photos from my aunt using my new scanner; the old one, of course, died when I tried to start scanning the pictures in the box.