In the long ago, I worked in restaurant kitchens in our fair cities:

The Black Forest Inn
Nigel's (long closed)
Lord Fletcher's of the Lake

After eight years at Lord Fletcher's, working six nights a week and holidays (except Xmas & New Year's Day when Fletcher's was closed), I left the restaurant trade. I'm still interested in food, but more in consuming it and general intellectual curiosity. Thong does not much like western food, so we eat mostly Vietnamese.

While I do cook occasionally, I am available for tastings, food or wine, on very short notice.



Local Vietnamese Delis: Article.


Good general foodie site

Slow Food




Spice Index

..need to see this page. Really. I don't know if it has everything, but I checked some of my Weird Ethnic spices, and all of them were there.

All twenty-zillion different names. And the names of the species, the chemistry, the history of use, pictures, and anything else you might think of. And it takes real advantage of the medium--crosslinks galore.

Didn't you always wonder what the hell grains of paradise were?

Sporting goods for those of us that ain't sports:

"I lingered over the badminton sets at, where most of the shuttlecocks are made with real goose feathers ($15 apiece) and the rackets are strung professionally. How satisfying it would be to trounce my brother - I mean, play a friendly game against him - using a birdie that wouldn't get lodged in the too-loose grid of a poorly strung racket."

"At, the home page said 'Welcome to the World of Croquet.'"